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Guided nature excursions, photography courses and nature related publishing.

Basic course for nature photography
16.-17.6. 2018 Sipoossa
Kurssilla kuvataan la 16.6. hienoja Sipoon saariston luontokohteita kesäisessä
in Pirttisaari. The course is attended by award-winning photographers Kristian Frantz and Kai Hypén.

On the second day in the program, reviewing the basics, information packet about camera operation /
adjustments and nature photography. The program also includes feedback from photographs taken by course participants.
The course is especially suitable for those who have recently begun the nature photography. The Gumbohuset multifunctional hall provides a good framework.
Inquiries and reservations: Kai Hypén,, 040-5030804,


Nature phography

Nature photography courses for both beginners and for advanced level. The course concept includes a session outdoors.

Nature excursions

Tours and hikes to Sipoonkorpi National Park and other remarkable destinations in Finland at all seasons.


Awesome natural publications from the multifaceted nature.



As retired off engineers occupation I enjoy mainly outdoor activities currently. In my young age I was birdwatcher and took up the nature photography later. I make pictures to compete in international events. So far I was awarded in the NNPC (Norway) and Glanzlichter 2017 (Germany) for example.

Nature phography

I organize nature photography courses for hobby photographers and more skilled individuals. The usage of Lightroom applications can be part of content. Courses start with a visit to certain nature location nearby.
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Visit Sipoonkorpi Johku

Nature excursions

Living close to Sipoonkorpi National Forest some 30 km east of Helsinki I provide guided visits there. As vivid nature observer I am familiar with the existing flora & fauna. Tour to other destinations in Finland by request. I speak also swedish and german when needed.


Istället för ett traditionellt 50årskalas firade vi dagen med en vandring i Sibbo Storskog, Hindsby. Skogen var fin, vädret fantastiskt och guiden utmärkt. Kai vet allt man behöver veta både på svenska och finska. Kan varmt rekommenderas!


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